Students and members of our faculty have been participated in activities at many regional and national institutions, including invited teachings, committee memberships, research visits, conference participations, editorships. 

In recent years we have actively organized and participated in community services, such as service learning, teacher training, mathematics for highschool students, and popularization of mathematics, such as the annual Math Open Day.

The French - Vietnamese Master Program in Applied Mathematics

At international level one of our longest and most intensive cooperations has been the French - Vietnamese Master Program in Applied Mathematics.

Summer activities

Every summer we have a summer semester, reserving for short courses on current topics, offered by visiting researchers.

Since 2008, there is a mathematical conference named Summer Meeting - Gặp gỡ Mùa hè organized mainly by our alumni.

Classes by visitors

Recent classes offered by visiting instructors include:

  • Gradient damage models: construction and fundamental properties, by Jean-jaques Marigo (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris), 2/1017
  • Toulouse courses in Statistics, by Laurent Risser and Xavier Gendre (University of Toulouse), 10/2016

Scientific and student exchanges

We have participated in join workshops with other universities.

In recent years we have participated in student exchange programs with several international universities.

IMG 1372

In the second semester of academic year 2018-2019 we received two exchange students from the University of Paris 13 studying for one semester


Invitation for cooperation