Summer Meeting 2013

Time: 13/7/2013


Nguyễn Thanh Bình
Title: Localized eigenspaces in simple domains

Dương Hoàng Dũng

Tittle: Zeta Functions of Groups.
Abstract: I will give a short introduction to zeta functions of groups and some open problems.

Nguyễn Hoàng Lộc
Title: An efficient reconstruction algorithm for ultrasound-modulated diffuse optical tomography
Abstract: In diffuse optical imaging the resolution is in general low. By mechanically perturbing the medium, we show that it is possible to achieve a significant resolution enhancement. When a spherical acoustic wave is propagating inside the medium, the optical parameter of the medium is perturbed. Using cross-correlations of the boundary measurements in the perturbed medium and in the unperturbed one, we provide an iterative algorithm for reconstructing the optical absorption coefficient. Using a spherical Radon transform inversion, we first establish an equation that the optical absorption satisfies. This equation together with the diffusion model constitutes a nonlinear system. Then, solving iteratively such a nonlinear coupled system, we obtain the true absorption parameter.

Nguyễn Hoài Minh
Title: Thin film problems

Attendants include Lê Minh Tuấn (Buffalo), Lê Quang Bảo (Michigan), Lâm Hoàng Nguyên (Detroit), Nguyễn Tiến Dũng (University of Technology, HCMC).