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Chương trình chứng chỉ sau đại học về Toán của ICTP (International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy) đã có vài chục năm nay, dành riêng cho học viên từ các nước đang phát triển. Chương trình từng được nhiều người Việt Nam biết và một số người đã học. Chương trình có thể là bước đệm tốt để tiếp tục xin học tiếp theo ở các trung tâm lớn.

ICTP Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Mathematics

ICTP is now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 Postgraduate Diploma Programme. The application period ends on January 31, 2022.

The Mathematics Diploma Programme is a year-long, intensive course designed for young graduate mathematicians from developing countries who want to solidify their background in preparation for graduate school. It is taught in English. 

The ICTP Math section is a vibrant, diverse community of scientists, comprising permanent members and visitors. On top of following a demanding programme of courses, Diploma students have the opportunity to interact at ICTP with first-rate mathematicians from all over the world, including scientists from nearby Trieste institutions SISSA and UNITS.

The ICTP Math Diploma is a gateway to graduate programmes in Europe and America. In the recent past, our students have successfully obtained positions to pursue graduate studies in Italy (including SISSA in Trieste), Germany, France, Austria, UK, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, USA and Canada.
Please visit the Math Diploma page to see more information.

A limited number of scholarships are awarded to successful candidates from developing countries (with particular emphasis on students from the least developed regions of the world) to cover travel and living expenses during their stay at ICTP. The selection of the candidates is based on their university performance as well as on academic recommendations. The selection committee aims to select the best academically qualified candidates while striving for gender balance and geographical distribution.

Consult the Postgraduate Diploma Programme’s application and admissions page for more details.