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13 07 2021 vieclam



We are in need of individuals  to be part of an exciting Australian Fiber Optic Design Team!

Are you ready to make a Sharesource change? Join us in leading the shift. This is an exciting new role in a fast-growing sustainability engineering working to enable businesses to prosper by being a force for good. We are driven by our passion to help to fix our planet and inspire society to change for the better.

Location: Vietnam (prefer Ho Chi Minh city). While we believe in flexible working, it will be important for you to be within a time zone that allows collaborating with colleagues across the world.

Status: Ideally full time. Part time considered.


Established in 2013, ShareSource has grown to become a specialist in the STEM recruitment field, bridging the gap between business and the global talent marketplace.

We now operate 3 team hubs based in the Philippines, Vietnam and soon Columbia. Our mission is to provide meaningful work and experiences for STEM graduates in developing countries. We’re passionate about being a global citizen and focus on long term talent growth and personal development of our people.

We have built a value-based organisation and pride ourselves on living our values of:

  • Making a social impact
  • Being proactive
  • Creating value
  • Being fair, open and honest
  • Adding fun, passion and love


Our client blends the fields of software development and telecommunications engineering. They develop end-to-end technical solutions that accelerate the design and deployment of fiber, broadband and 5G networks. Their approach blends current best practices in software engineering and operations research with telecommunications engineering and civil infrastructure development.

They simplify and accelerate the work of upgrading and building telecommunications networks across the globe. Their team aims to break down the complex problems associated with the design and construction of carrier-grade telecom networks, beginning with input data gathering and ending with final deployment. They are a globally dispersed team of innovative, independent thinkers, who continuously look for better ways to get work done and deliver quality products and services for our customers.


  • No experience required as long as you  are :
    • a  graduate of  Mathematics OR Electronics and Communication Engineering course
    • other courses considered: Geodetic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Information System, Computer Science
    • an excellent English communicator
    • a creative  problem solver using  technical/mathematical methods
    • a proactive communicator
    • a team player
    • naturally born skills for finding bugs and mistakes in the system
    • a very detailed person
  • What you will be doing:
    • Take a set of geospatial data and put it through our software tool kit to generate optimised designs of networks.
    • Manipulation of geospatial data
    • Studying telecommunication engineering domain to ensure high quality of the designs
  • Technical Skills: (it is advantageous if you have these)
    • Experience with geospatial software: QGIS, Mapinfo, etc
    • Programming language: Python, C
    • Messaging and collaboration: Flowdock, G-suite, Jira
  • About you, you will be a great fit for our Company Culture if you are: 

    • A driver of his/her own education, into self-improvement - reads books, listens to podcasts, subscribes to articles, with a goal in mind to create value for oneself and for others, asks for feedback from his/her head for improvement points
    • With a curious mind
    • Has the ability to identify problems, come up with options, and recommend the way forward
    • Into process improvements - thinks of making processes more effective, streamlines processes, into working smarter
    • With an Attitude of Gratitude
    • Self-leader, a fire starter
    • Excellent communication skills - verbal, written, and listening


  • Salary: 10.000.000 - 11.000.000 VND for Gross + Allowances
  • Social insurance based on full basic monthly salary 
  • A supportive learning environment offering many different ways to develop your skills
  • Opportunity to grow both professionally and personally
  • Opportunity to be part of an open, fun, caring, supportive culture where colleagues become friends and everyone is approachable, helpful and friendly

Sharesource is an equal opportunities employer 

Sharesource recruits, employs, trains, compensates and promotes regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age. We are building a world class team and we know we need a diverse mix of talented people doing their best work.

  • Opportunity to work globally with innovative, creative maths and Fiber Optic Network professionals who are living proof that B2B products don’t have to be boring
  • Clear career progression from position to become Senior Network Planner, Project Coordinator, QA Lead or Consultant
  • Kudos through Values Awards where you can let your colleagues know when they excel and you can receive the same recognition for your hard work


If you think you might be the person we’re looking for, please apply by sending a cover letter and CV to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.