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Trường hè Toán học ở Paris cho học sinh - sinh viên

Trong thư chuyển tiếp bên dưới là thông tin về Trường hè Toán học (https://msp.math.ens.fr/) được tổ chức tại Paris trong hè này, đối tượng là học sinh phổ thông (lớp 11, 12) hoặc sinh viên năm 1, 2 có thành tích xuất sắc.

I would like to attract your attention to the first "Mathematical Summer in Paris" summer school that will be held in Paris, from July 16th to July 27 2018. The goal is to select and gather 50 brilliant and passionate young people between High-School Diploma -2 and second year of university to do mathematics and discover the Paris area mathematical, scientific and cultural environment. The program will consist of conferences, lectures, problem solving activities, scientific and cultural excursions. You can see more about the program (that is still in the making) on the web page https://msp.math.ens.fr/
There is a registration fee of about 400 euros to cover food and board. However some funds are available to help those who could not afford this and also in a few cases to cover travel expenses.