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Visit Camp cho sinh viên thăm KAIST, Hàn Quốc
Khoa Toán - Tin học nhận được thông báo từ School of Electrical Engineering (EE), KAIST, Hàn Quốc về Visit Camp cho sinh viên tới thăm KAIST. Theo thông báo đính kèm thì các sinh viên ngành Tin học và Toán cũng có thể đăng kí. Mọi chi phí đi lại phía KAIST sẽ đài thọ.

We have a highly competitive EE graduate program (ranked 17th in 2018 QS world ranking in EE) and we are strongly committed to global diversification of our student body. KAIST EE Visit Camp that we are holding in August 2019 for our prospective international students. We are organizing this event to invite prospective international graduate students so that they can see for themselves what type of graduate program we have in EE and how it would be like to live and study here in Korea.

We have a very strong presence of computing division working on a wide range of computing-related research and development.
The computing division has about 15 world-renown faculty members and is forming a world-class research group in the area of AI algorithm and its applications. In the undergraduate program of our school, we have many students who are majoring the electrical engineering and mathematics together. In our graduate program, there are quite a few students who got their undergraduate education in mathematics.

Please refer to the attached poster for the details on the KAIST EE Visit Camp. The camp will be held from August 22–23, 2019 and all the travel expenses will be covered for the invited students. The deadline for the online application is May 24, 2019.