• Talk: Theory of Ancestral State Reconstruction
  • Invited Speakers: PGS.TS Hồ Sĩ Tùng Lâm - Department of Mathematics and Statistics - Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Time: 9AM - 10:15AM, 22 May, 2022
  • Format: Online - Zoom

Abstract: Ancestral state reconstruction is one of the most important tasks in evolutionary biology. Reconstructing the trait value at the root of a phylogenetic tree can answer many macroevolution questions, such as the origin of an epidemic. Conditions under which we can reliably reconstruct the ancestral state have been studied for both discrete and continuous traits. However, the connection between these results is unclear, and it seems that each model needs different conditions. In this talk, I will discuss a unifying theory on the existence of a consistent ancestral state reconstruction method.

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