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Global Young Leaders Program is a student exchange program fully funded by POSCO & POSTECH. POSCO Group’s overseas subsidiaries used to fund the POSCO Global Young Leaders Program to train and cultivate next-generation global talent and now, POSTECH also would like to join this program and give more opportunities to be Global Young Leaders in POSTECH and furthermore, in Korea.
All expenses throughout the stay in Korea will be covered by POSCO & POSTECH for selected students. As a Global Young Leaders Student, you will be able to take courses and participate in research as well as experience Korean culture and industry.

  • Round-Trip Airfare: Actual Expenses
  • Settlement Fund: 500,000 KRW once
  • Living Expenses: 1,000,000 KRW per month
  • Highlight
    Additional Specialized Cultural Programs & Social Events will be provided only for Global Young Leaders Students
    - Busan International Film Festival, DMZ Tour, Cooking Class, Ski Camp and etc