“Joint Master Program of Applied Mathematics between VNU, Université d’Orleans, and French partner universities”
by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, HCMUS

December 2016


  • This program is a collaboration among Vietnam National University HCMC (VNUHCM), Université d’Orleans, and other French partner universities, since 2007.
  • During 2007-2010 the Applied Mathematics Joint Master Program (French Degree) was a successful project by PUF (Center for French Universities) Ho Chi Minh City. This program was sponsored and funded by the French government for 4 academic years.
  • After this program, with support from VNUHCMC, Université d’Orleans, and other French partner universities, together we came up with our Applied Mathematics Joint Master Program. This program is funded by the Vietnamese government for the following 6 academic years (2011-2016).
  • Every year, around 20 master students take classes in HCMUS with French professors, then received scholarships to go to France to write master theses and obtain French degrees. Activities in Vietnam are funded by Vietnamese partner, while activities in France are funded by French partners.


  • Training of master students in applied mathematics at international level.
  • Training of master students in applied mathematics, with French degree, who are capable of entering PhD programs at leading international universities.
  • Contributing to renovation effort in the area of applied mathematics in Vietnam.


  • After 10 years, around 170 students received international master degrees in applied mathematics.
  • Over 50% of graduates received PhD scholarships. Many PhD holders have returned to Vietnam, working at research institutions or industry. Several are now lecturers at our own Faculty.


  • This project helps boost up recruitment of good and talented students to mathematics, by showing them an attractive, feasible career path.
  • This project is a significant step in providing high quality human resource for development of applied mathematics in Vietnam.
  • Funding from the Vietnamese government is amount to only about 10% of the amount in Project 322, per student.

Plan for future

  • French & Vietnamese partners have extended the agreement for this project to 2017.
  • We have had important agreement for the phase 2017-2022. To date, we already got commitment from 03 French universities: Université d’Orleans, Univesité Paris 13 (UP13), Université Lorraine.